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Cocktail Bartending Course - Sussex, Kent, London, Eastbourne, Brighton, Hastings and other areas.  

From late Spring 2015 a new bar school will be opening. The school will be based based in South East England and is going to be ideal for all those wishing to attend who live in Sussex, Kent, Eastbourne, Brighton, Hastings and other areas. This school is a must for any cocktail barman wishing to achieve excellence in this competitive industry. Full documentation for the course can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. For more details of the various topics covered by the bar tending course please see below:

One Day Course

Our cocktail bartenders’ courses are designed to upgrade and promote professionalism in the hospitality industry as a whole.

Our one-day intensive cocktail bartending course teaches the wide range of mixology skills necessary to attain a position as a bartender in top class bars/hotel in the world. Not only do they teach the top 10 classic and popular cocktails and methods, but also the bartenders’ responsibilities toward their public, co-workers and their employers.
The course has been carefully put together by Chris Cogan,* Master Bartender

• To learn the top classic and popular cocktails of the world and their variations and evolution.
• To understand [the importance] and of, and be able to, produce precise measurements and proportions in [creating] or dispensing drinks.
• To attain a basic awareness of the method of alcohol production.
• To understand how drinking habits, the alcohol industry and drinking culture has evolved in order to expand understanding of drinks making.
• To understand the palate in relation to taste categories, the taste buds and applying these principles to the art of mixology.
• To have a thorough product knowledge of all cocktail ingredients.
• To be able to demonstrate with precision all methods required to prepare cocktails and present them.
• To respect the etiquette of the bartender and customer relationship in regard to manner, presentation and cultural awareness.
• To be responsible for the [upstanding] of licensing laws
• To be responsible for the health and safety at work of oneself, ones co-workers and the public
• To be impeccably clean, neat and tidy and to introduce the highest standards of hygiene in the workplace
• To be constantly aware of ways of increasing speed and efficiency whilst not compromising on quality of the product.
• To be able to demonstrate ways of increasing sales and representing uyour employer in goals for market success.
• To encourage good relations with suppliers through up-selling brands and working with point of sale promotion techniques.
• To help spread the culture of professionalism throughout the industry.

Course Outline

Modules Description 
1 Alcohol history, alcohol production, cocktail evolution, cocktail history 
2 Methods of drink making (layering, mixing, blending, shaking, building etc)Bar, equipment, glassware, weights and measures
3 Preparation of presentation of drinks garnishes, taste buds, the palate and balancing drinks, up-selling drinks. 
4 Aspects of a bartender and their responsibilities, licensing laws, health and safety, basic bar hygiene. 
5 Bay layout, service, bar, scheduling and evaluation, teamwork, good bar service, basic customer care (knowing your customers; dealing with awkward customers etc) key points of service. 
6 Stocktaking procedures, basic cleaning spillages, bartending and presentation to guest. 
  Theory Test


Course Objectives

1. To have knowledge of some popular mixed drinks i.e. cocktails and knowledge of the products behind a well stock bar.
2. To have a basic knowledge of alcohol production and its history.
3. To understand drinks habits; how the alcohol industry has evolved, cocktail evolution.
4. To apply your taste buds through tasting and making cocktails
5. To gain knowledge of cocktail ingredients and how to “balance” a good mixed drink.
6. To present yourself confidently in regard to manner and cultural awareness.
7. To understand licensing laws in your work place and health and hygiene for associates and guests alike.
8. To be well groomed and have attention to detail at all times in your work place.
9. To demonstrate ways of up-selling - increasing your sales and customer care.
10. To be aware of increasing your speed and efficiency in your work place without compromising the quality of your products.

1 Day Course Charge

Intensive basic 1 day Foundation Course (8 hours) £95

 Learn how to work a basic bar and how to make classic cocktails

 Product knowledge: learn about spirits, ports, liqueurs

 Alcohol evolution

 Taste buds and palate

 Licensing laws

 Health and Safety



1. Due to the nature of our training and the course setting, it is required by law that all students are 18 years or over. Proof of age is required before the start of the course.
2. Full payment must be paid before the course commences. For cheques, please allow 5 working days for clearance.
3. The course fee is non-refundable.
4. The company operates non-smoking training sessions.
5. No students will be permitted to attend any course if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
6. Students who conduct unruly behaviour will be removed from the course and forfeit all monies paid.
7. Any student who has to leave the course once it has started will forfeit any monies paid, but may be permitted to join a later course.
8. Due to the nature of the training environment students are restricted to certain areas within the premises. No student must go behind the bar without permission and must respect all private areas of the premises that are restricted to staff employees only.
9. In line with Health & Safety and Fire Regulations it is required that all students sign in the reception book every time they enter or leave the building.
10. The day is set to a fine schedule and so it is politely asked that all students arrive prompt for the benefit of all.


Bar school documentation is available on the links below. To download the documentation please right click and choose the save option. 

One Day Course Charge

One Day Course

Course Objectives

Course Outline

Terms and Conditions



Bar School - Sussex, Kent, Eastbourne, Brighton, Hastings and other areas.